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The Experiment, as aptly named was a practical study undertaken by Haslam and Reicher, two psychologists, which was an almost replication of the Zimbardos Stanford Prison Experiment.

The experiment was conducted in accordance and association with the BBC, with some of the significant footage shown as reality TV in on the channels of BBC. The purpose of this experiment was to identify how people conform to social roles in restricted environments and was based on the experiment already conducted by Zimbardo.  However this was a much more open experiment with the results and the duration of the experiment being recorded on camera.

The basis of the experiment by Haslam and Reicher was the study undertaken by Zimbardo by the name of Stanford prison Experiment. The researchers wanted to conclusively analyze the results and the implications of the Stanford Prison Experiment and demonstrate the resistance to conformity as it is apparent inmost of the social systems where tyranny is present.

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Essay: Reicher and Haslam’s Experiment’s Purpose
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