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The complexity of the relationship is greatly increased by the volatility depicted by the parties themselves. The increase in the number of suppliers taken on the by the automobile manufactures, and the dealers representing the automobile manufacturing company can lead to the failure of meeting the objectives pertained to time, budget, cost reducing, minimizing wastage and the quality control and targets.

This is due to the fact that as the number of parties collaborating together increases, the management of the relationship also becomes difficult as by the Toyota Production System the relationship has to be mutually beneficial for the manufactures as well as its suppliers and dealers of finished products. “The project management challenge increases as the number and diversity of suppliers grows. These days collaborative players may be located on different contingents and vary in size from just a handful of people to many thousands. Regardless of their differences, all of these organizations and their activities must be coordinated and controlled in order to achieve the project goal. The management methodology must be simple and familiar enough to apply to the smallest company yet provide the sophistication that larger manufacturers need to manage programs and projects of all sizes.” (Burgum, 2003)

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Essay: Relationship Management in Automobile Industry
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