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The specific research that was available on the product lifecycle and its usage for management and costing by the business indicated that it is possible for the strong brands to be able to extent their lifecycles and go on for a long period of time.

Specifically nowadays when the product lifecycle for the products in the market is very short and decreasing at an increasing rate, the fact that Coca Cola has been able to insistently extend its product life cycle and maintain its position more or less in the maturity phase. This is commendable for the management of the product and the company. However the research conducted on the topic does show that it is possible for large brands to be able to maintain their positioning the product lifecycle as well as in the market though innovation and diversification of the product to different markets and categories. This is exactly what the Coca Cola has done with Coke by launching variation of the product in the form of Coke with Lime, Diet Coke and Gold Coke etc.

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Essay: Relevance of Product Life Cycle of Coke
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