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Aside from this research also depicted that it is possible for the brands to outlive the specific product lifecycle like in the case of Phillips which has been able to sustain its brand across the numerous small product life cycles of its consumer products

 As a result the brand name of Phillips is considered itself as a product by the consumers in the market. “It is true that the consumer has far greater choice in many product categories than in the past, but if one reviews the list of the Top Ten brands in the world, we see them increasing in preference, and becoming, with greater regularity, the brand of choice. This is so whether we look at consumer products such as Coke and Pepsi, software such as Microsoft Office and Windows, retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Gap or luxury motor cars such as BMW and Mercedes. All these brands, as many others, are becoming stronger over time and are eliminating competition which, in some cases, is growing in numbers but are losing market share. However, in categories where brands are more nondescript, have become weak because of lack of support investments. This is true worldwide, with FMCG products in particular, for various reasons, advertising budgets have been diverted to provide short-term below-the-line promotions and other activities to meet the quarterly sales targets.” (Sen, 2002) This is the same case with Coca Cola however the case with Coke has been that the brand name of Coca Cola has been sustaining the product of Coke and the Product of Coke has been strengthening the brand of Coca Cola.

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Essay: Relevance of Research; Product Life Cycle of Coke
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