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The SID does not replace the ignition key, which a registered user must have to start the vehicle. But even if the key is stolen, the SID keeps the car safe and secure from non registered users.” (Pierre-Louise, 2007) Similarly the Scandinavian Airlines is also making use of fingerprinting technology for identifying their customers and passengers at boarding of the plane and at baggage claims.

“The system identifies a passenger upon the checking of the baggage, entry at the boarding gate and collection of the baggage upon landing on the destination. Precise Biometrics AG developed the system which does not require photographs.” (News Breaks, 2006) In the field of forensic science, inUnited Kingdom, “Police Information Technology Organization has developed a search capability on mobile electronic fingerprinting inGreat Britain. The search capability was developed by Northrup Grumman Corp. that allows real-time searching of national fingerprint database on national identification system in just five minutes. The pilot program is called Lantern Project and is scheduled for completion in December 2007”, (‘U.K.Police Attracted toMobileElectronic Fingerprinting’, 2007)

Moreover with the current technology available it is now possible for biometric tools like finger prints to be used as personalized security locks and identification codes for people and businesses. “Fingerprint sensors are available from Atmel, AuthenTec, Fujitsu and other companies. They let engineers add biometric capabilities to consumer products such as door locks, automated teller machines and laptop computers.” (Titus, 2006)

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Essay: Relevant Progressions of Fingerprinting
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