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The following report presents the scope and the opportunity present for the Quartz Company to operate in the region of Czech Republic. Quartz is a timepiece manufacturer and retailer which has currently been operating in the mainstream clock and watch market in Australia.

However the company is seeking to expand its operations on a more international level and therefore seeks to invest in the region of Eastern Europe.

The country which has been selected for operations is theCzechRepublic, because of its contribution to the European clocks and watch industry and its growing economy. The report represents the country analysis ofCzechRepublicwhich highlights the political, social, technological, economic and legal environments of the regions. The industry analysis is conducted for the clocks and watch industry on a regional scale. The report then goes on to present the market entry strategies and the business proposition for the Quartz Company to operate in Czech Republic, which includes the operational set up, the marketing mix to be employed and the obstacles which need to be addressed when investment in operations in Czech Republic.

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Essay: Report on Quartz Company
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