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Specific to the research topic, a literature review as well as a primary research can be undertaken. The literature review would review already existing cases on the topic while the primary research would incorporate a mixed approach questionnaire based survey,

whereby the managers as well as staff at selected small companies and firms as well as large companies and firms would be questioned about the motivational strategies employed and the resultant absenteeism, employee turnover and productivity. The results pertaining to the small and the big firms can be analysed and compared to arrive at a conclusion.

A mixed qualitative and quantitative research methodology can be employed to research this topic. The happiness of the employees and their positive attitude at work can be compared against the satisfaction level of the customers. For this a quantitative survey can be employed to determine the satisfaction level of the customers while a qualitative survey can be deployed to determine the positive attitude and happiness of the employees.  The results can be analysed to conclude whether the happiness of the employees has any effect on the satisfaction and the happiness of the customers. It needs to be highlighted however that the is more suited to a retail business,

A qualitative research methodology can be employed whereby the effects that the employee benefits have on the employees can be evaluated. In depth interviews can be undertaken with the employed to determine what makes them happy at work. Options specific to work environment, work itself as well as monetary compensation and employee benefits can be provided. This approach would help in highlighting the effectiveness of the employee benefits in terms of making the employees happy as well as bring foreword other elements which are considered essential for happiness by the employees.

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Essay: Research Answers on Employee Motivation
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