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Research on the topic also indicates that the product lifecycle can also be employed to conduct a specific product lifecycle based costing analysis. This analysis is increasingly becoming important as it tends to highlight the need for investment into the product and the specific strategies that need to be employed at the different stages of the product lifecycle. “The literature increasingly emphasizes that rapid technological change and shortened life cycles have made product life cycle cost analysis critical to organizations. Although significant benefits are attributed to life cycle cost analysis, there is little evidence regarding the extent of its application in organizational settings. Moreover, there is scant systematic evidence available with respect to the array of factors that may influence its use.” (Dunk, 2004) More specifically however the techniques of customer profiling, those for highlighting and making use of competitor advantage as well as the use of MIS and IS in companies act as influencing factors on the use of const analysis for products based on their lifecycle stages by business.

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Essay: Research Conducted on Product Lifecycle
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