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The research instrument that was utilized in the research for the purpose of secondary research for the dissertation pertained to a questionnaire. The questionnaire was carefully set up to make it convenient for the respondents to read and to respond to the questions stated in the research instrument.

The structure of the questionnaire was such that each question had five possible answers based on a probability/ likert scale of which one was to be chosen by the respondents for each question. The questionnaire was divided into two parts. One catered to the service quality survey which was used to gather information pertaining to the customer satisfaction level while the other pertained to a service quality survey to determine the expectations of the respondent as per the service quality. Both the sections of the questionnaire were further divided into five sib segments where 5-6 questions were grouped according to subjects/ elements which pertained to responsiveness, assurance, tangibles, empathy and reliability.

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Essay: Research Instrument on Singapore Airlines
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