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The research methodology for the primary research undertaken has been provided as using qualitative as well as quantitative approaches towards the analysis of the information gathered by industry professionals through the instrument of the questionnaire.

The analysis and findings section highlights the results of the primary study while the discussion and the conclusion section provides a comprehensive analysis of both the literature review as well as the primary study undertaken for the purpose of this project. Conclusively the recommendation for proper deployment of theToyotaproduction system in the automobile industry has been provided along with the limitation of the current research and how future research can be undertaken to make the research more comprehensive.

The research methodology that was undertaken for the primary study in this paper pertained to the qualitative and quantitative questions asked from the professionals involved in the operation, and supply chain management functions of the automobile industry. The question as per the drawn up questionnaire were asked from the operations manager in the Ford motor company, the Toyota Motor Company as well those in the companies of Suzuki, Chrysler, Daimler, BMW, and General Motors. The selection of the respondents was at random form the companies. Even the companies selected for the respondent base of the questionnaire was at random as only those operations managements and professionals were queries, whom responded to the email shot for offering them participation in the primary research.

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Essay: Research Methodology for Automobile Industry
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