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The methodology that has been employed for gathering information for this paper pertains to collecting information from books, peer reviewed journal articles, blog posts by people in theMiddle Eastas well as articles posted in Newspapers on the topic of consumerism and how it has effect the way of life in Middle East.

The validity of the data has been ensured by selecting the data from trustworthy and peer reviewed sources in order to avoid discrepancy in the data. The integrity of the data has been kept by either directly quoting from the source or providing a paraphrases version which can be traced back to the source through the reference list provided. Research and author biases have also been kept to a minimum by emphasis that is placed on the direct reporting of information instead of formation of personal opinion.

The data gathered is presented in a categorized format in the literature review section where all the secondary information gathered on the topic of globalization, economic development inMiddle East, increase in consumerism, women’s role in consumerism, the lifestyle changes in theMiddle Eastand the changing consumerist identity and culture of the region has been depicted. A subjective and qualitative analysis has been conducted on the gathered data to identify the trends and the elements that have contributed to the increase in consumerism while also highlighting the effect that it has had on the society in the Middle Eastern countries.

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Essay: Research Methodology on Consumerism
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