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The UTC Plc company has lack of brand awareness in its target markets, which has led to weak positioning of the company in the market. In order to identify and determine the marketing strategies that can be adopted by the UTC Plc to solve this problem, the qualitative historical research method will be used.The historical research method reconstructs the past through systematic and objective collection of established facts and research. This information is evaluated and verified with supportive evidence to arrive at appropriate recommendations and conclusions. The historical research method is a rigorous and exhaustive approach which is unbiased with proper collection methodologies employed. The research methodology for historical research will be based on identifying the problem, determining the research objectives and collecting data from secondary sources which would be evaluated for their relevance, accuracy and applicability in the Nigerian market.

In order to collect information for historical research, primary as well as secondary sources can be used. The research conducted for this dissertation however would be based secondary sources of information collected form peer reviewed journals as well as through primary research. The primary research would be conducted on the market in which the UTC Plc operates. . The information collected would be specific to the market leaders operating in the retail industry for fresh food, grocery, furniture, sports, household goods, recreational toys and games, hardware, cosmetics, dairy produce as well as buffet related products and services. Multinational market leaders will be examined to determine the marketing strategies correlated to their market share, increase in sales volume, performance in the market, return on sales (ROS), as well as the effect on their share price.

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Essay: Research Methods for Dissertation on UTC Plc
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