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Scope of an automotive retailer to expand into China with the rigid Corporate Governance in the country

Objectives of the Study:-

  • To study the corporate governance practices in China
  • The scope of an automotive retailer to expand into China given the corporate governance practices.

  • Whether the automotive retailer should expand into China or not?
  • To compare the corporate governance codes inUKwithChinain order to study the effectiveness of the strategy to expand intoChina.

The Purpose of this Study:-

  • This would be to identify the corporate governance practices inChina
  • To point out whether the corporate governance is a hindrance in the growth of companies who expand into the country.
  • Toindicate whether the corporate governance inChinafacilitates expansion of companies/automotive retailer company or not?
  • To find out the reasons why the corporate governance inChinaportrays such a dismal picture.
  • To find out if the corporate governance inChinaaims to protect Chinese business against international expansions.
  • To find out if there is scope for an automotive retailer to enterChina.

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Essay: Research Objectives on Automotive Retailer in China
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