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Through the interviewing process the companies were asked about their local as well as international marketing strategies and it was revealed that for global branding the companies were making use of insights which would enable them to share best practices in all their markets across countries.

Moreover they were pursuing a common global brand building and planning process both at the regional level as well as on the international markets. The cross country synergies were also being specifically managed for the brands in order to make the global brands exclusive form the company. “Once managers have decided how global they want their marketing to be, they have to manage the transition. The measure of management’s intervention is how well it works to correct three problems-inconsistent brand identities, limited product focus, and slow new product launches. When making the shift to global marketing, it helps if headquarters encourages field managers to generate ideas, ensures that the field managers participate in the development of marketing strategies, maintains a product portfolio that contains, where possible, local as well as regional and global brands, allows country managers continued control of their marketing budgets and emphasizes general management responsibilities of country managers that extend beyond the marketing function.” (Quelch & Hoff, 1986)

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Essay: Research on Brewing Companies
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