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The hypothesis that has been derived for the research is that attentive behavior depicted by the students will result in high performance in quizzes and associated tests during class.

In any class 50 percent of the students would depict low performance due to lack of attention paid during class. Attentive behavior in this regard is defined by more than 2 query sessions or active discussions initiated by the student. On the other hand non attentive behavior, for the purpose of this research, is defined as less than 1 query made or discussion initiated by the student.

The subjects of the study would be high school students aged between 16 to18 years of age belonging to both male and female gender. The procedure/ methodology of the study would involve conducting a normal course session of one hour between the teacher and the students where the behavior of the selected students enrolled in the course would be observed to determine their attentiveness. The next day for the same course a multiple choice test/ quiz with 20 questions would be conducted by the teacher. The academic performance of the students would be determined based on their results on the motioned quiz/test.

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Essay: Research on Class Attentiveness of Students
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