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When it was asked form the parents as to what might make them more ready to accept the fast food meals as an alternative to home cooked meals,

they were of the opinion that if the fast food vendors dramatically changes their menus to include a variety of different dining meals for breakfast lunch and dinner which were healthy as well as child friendly, then they soul be more willing to choose the fast food restaurants and outlets as an alternative to home cooked meals in the real sense.

As a result the main recommendation that can be derived from this research is that the children are the most dominant and the most powerful aid available to the companies in the fast food market when it comes to the fast food. They are the largest market for the fast food companies and as a result their preferences and health should be paramount for the companies in the fast food industry. The combination of marketing efforts, the parents, the peer groups as well as the reference groups effect and influence the choice of meals of the child and as a result strategies employed at better satisfying and appealing to these parties can have a positive influence on pulling in more children as a market for the fast food vendors.

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Essay: Research on Consuming Kids and Results
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