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The problem statement regarding behavioral change being targeted is that the behavior of the instructor can also have an effect on the response behavior of the students depicted in a class room environment.

The teaching style adopted by an instructor, the interaction opportunity provided by the teacher and the open floor for discussion created by them can influence learning in the students. A research undertaken by Hackman and Walker (1990) highlights how the an interactive class atmosphere where the teacher smiles at the children, encourages them to get involved in discussions, raise queries and makes way for more effective learning amongst the students. 

The hypothesis that set for the research is that a happy and interactive behavior initiated by the teacher can encourage participation in the students as well leading to increased learning. Interactive behavior in this regard is depicted when the teacher smiles at the students, raises questions which encourage the students to commence arguments or discussions, makes eye contact with the students, and relieves stress through humor. On the other hand a highly disciplined class room where no interaction is where the students are not allowed to carry out any sort of discussions, and are repressed to maintain restricted decorum. The hypothesis therefore stands that in any class 70 percent of the students would depict high performance due to high level of interaction in the class initiated by the casual and open behavior of the teacher.

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Essay: Research on Instructor’s Effect on Students
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