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“Almost every major company and many associations give to good causes, and public relations (PR) can help management to get more benefit from sponsorships by guiding management to projects that will produce massive national or worldwide media coverage and the most heartfelt public gratitude.”

(Levy, 2004) The public relations through the use of event sponsorship also provide the corporations with increased benefits pertaining to strengthen positive image in the market.

Through the research and the literature review it was also determined that it is possible for event based advertising and sponsorship to be beneficial for some industries and corporations while not as much of a benefit for others. This is especially true if the products which are highly complex.  “It is important for firms to understand the relationship between and the outcomes of their various communication activities. While event marketing may be beneficial for firms in the automotive industry, it is unclear from this study whether results would be the same across industries and/or product categories.” (Sneath, Finney, & Close, 2005)

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Essay: Research on Motivational Factors of Sponsorship
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