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The following report provides an analysis of one of the East European countries in which the Quartz Watch Company can invest for its operations.  The country that has been selected is theCzech Republicand the industry that has been selected is the watch, clock and timepiece industry.The report highlights the political, economic, social, legal and the technological environment in the country as well as the scope that is present in the industry for growth and development for the Gourmet Company. The industry has been analyzed according to its strength, profitability, forecasted position as well as through the competitors and porters analysis

The country that has been selected for establishment of business in the East European region pertains to theCzechRepublic. The country recently gained independence in 1993 as the now declaredCzechRepublic. The country has been depicting high level of growth and tops the list of most suitable East European countries for investment through FDI.

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Essay: Research on Quartz Watch Company
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