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The percentage of population that indulges in the activity of cigarette smoking has increased exponentially in the United States and Europe in last few decades (Pierce, 1989) with more and more amongst the younger generation taking part in the activity. In order to curb this habit governments have taken initiatives to ban ads promoting smoking in the mass media, limit the sale of cigarettes to the population as well as limit the places available for the people to smoke in the cities. However smoking has still managed to prevail. The proposed research seeks to determine what factors influence the smokers to give up their habit of cigarette smoking while highlighting the role played by the cigarette packet graphs. 

The purpose of the proposed research is to determine what influence the cigarette packet graphs have on the smokers. The proposed study seeks to highlight what factors influence the smokers to take action pertaining to their smoking habits. The societal marketing issue that is to be highlighted is how the marketing on the packets can effect the consumption of cigarettes.

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Essay: Research on Smokers’ Responses
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