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The market value of the industry is put forward in terms of the value and the volume of the activity in the industry. The competitive landscape in the global automobile industry is analyzed in terms of the five forces of the Porters model of the buyer power, the supplier power, the competition in the industry and the threat of new entrants and substitutes.

Additionally the procurement and the production processes being used in the industry and the supply management models being employed by the automobile manufacturers in the industry are also highlighted. The future forecasted for the industry up to the year 2012 is also provided.

In the literature review, the research pertaining to theToyotamotor company and the use of theToyotaproduction system at the company has been included. The importance of the just in time system and the application of the approach to theToyotaproduction system is discussed. The element of the respect for the people and the labor management as per theToyotaproduction system is also highlighted. The flexible assembly line in theToyotaproduction system is discussed in terms of how it can solve the problems being faced by the automobile companies for the lines production of multiple types of vehicles on multiple assembly lines for production as opposed toToyota’s single form of assembly line. The application of theToyotaproduction system in other industries as well as in the automobile manufacturing industry is highlighted. The literature review then divulges upon the application of theToyotaway in the different functions of a business and the supply chain management on the upper as well as on the lower levels.

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Essay: Research on Toyota Company
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