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The aim of the dissertation as identified earlier was to discuss the Toyota Production System model and how it can be applied for initiating lean operations in the various aspects of the supply china management at the automobile companies.

The primary research conducted did focus on identifying the lean operation practices in the companies and identify the constructs of the Toyota Production System in the supply chain of the automobile manufacturers.

The methods that were to be employed for the undertaking of the primary research pertained to a mixed model whereby the qualitative as well as the quantitative approach could have been used, however after the formulation of the questionnaire and the types of responses attained on the questionnaire the qualitative analysis of the study was much more feasible. The study did go as planed, however the considerably large number of responses on the questionnaires were not expected. This allowed us to analyze the information collected from a multitude of angle and present the various different issues that are big faced b the company specific to the supply chain management at the company.

If the opportunity would be provided to us to undertaken the primary research a second time, it would be much more feasible for us as then would be able to change and modify the research methodology and employed two types of research, qualitative as well as quantitative. Both these researches would enable us to collect data from the same target respondents which could be analyzed in more different methods through multivariate analysis to identify the correlations in the results for the different companies.

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Essay: Research on Toyota Operations
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