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This research has been conducted using primary as well as secondary data and it proves that women due to various reasons choose to build their nest rather than break the glass ceiling effect.

But however as there is a usual belief of expecting women to exhibit a certain role like spending less time at work and more time with children and family etc this belief is even evident in the research we conducted.  There is another important finding which shows that there exists discrimination against females working in the organization as they don’t get promotions that easily like males who are working with them in the organization.

Limitations of Research

  • The major limitation is related to the data collection for the research. The questionnaires were not in filled in our presence and the presence of an interviewer makes the data collection more effective by explaining ambiguous data. 
  • Time for the research was an issue because if we had time then a different data collection method and sampling could have been used in order to derive a much more detailed research.
  • The research scope had to be limited and the analysis is based upon a small sample of 100 and this makes the research limited.

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Essay: Research Paper on Glass Ceiling Effect
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