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The following paper explores the prominent celebrity and personality of Martha Stewart while contemplating her as a successful manager and a leader of today.

Martha Stewart has been selected as the subject of this paper as her success in the corporate world along with her strong brand name has impressed me with her leadership qualities. Her success from her early years to a corporate mogul from 1970s to 2008 depicts that she has managed to  create a dedicated position for herself in the homemaking industry while help break the class ceiling andt5he other boundaries that restrict the success of the female in the corporate world.

The research paper seeks to identify the characteristics that make Martha Stewart an exemplary manager and the strategies in life that she has taken which make her a successful leader for many. Her status of being an empowered female is explored along with the influence that her early childhood had on making her a successful business women in the present day.

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Essay: Research Paper on Martha Stewart
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