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In the regional market of Portugal, the leading position in the beverage and the beer market is occupied by the Unicer Company. The second position is held by the SCC Company while the third top position in the market is held by Grupo Sumol.

The contribution of thePortugalbeer market to the European beer market is 3.3 percent while the European beer and beverage markets forms the bulk of the global beer and beverage market at 50 percent contribution. This poses a constraint in the marketing efforts and the strategies for both the Unicer and the SCC Company due to their country of origin being Portugal.

The internationalization strategy adopted by Unicer related to the nature and the location of its country of origin which isPortugal. The company made use of the proximity based internationalization strategy by which it first introduced and marketed its products in countries having similar culture and demographic dynamics. However with the acceptance of its products inEuropethe company also started to market it and its products ad operated in the major markets ofAmericasand Asia Pacific as well. The SCC Company on the other hand pursued the expansion and internationalization strategy as dictated by the Scottish & Newcastle group. The internationalization efforts of the two companies, Unicer and SCC are different in the manner that Unicer focused on the global beverage market and started introducing its products, specifically Beer and alcoholic drinks to major countries in the international market where similar products were already being sold. However the company of SCC took a more regionalized approach to internationalization and went about initiating the internationalization process by targeting specific large international markets only.

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Essay: Research Recommendations on Beverage Industry
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