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The class that was assessed was made up of 35 students aged between 16-18 years of age.  Of the 35 students only 15 students who paid attention in class as depicted by their observed behavior achieved a score above 65 percent.

The rest achieved a score which was either equal to or below 65 percent. On the other hand 3 students who had paid attention in the observed class also failed to achieve a score of more than 65 percent in the quiz. The results of the study undertaken and the conducted research have failed to negate the hypothesis set that In any class 50 percent of the students would depict low performance due to lack of attention paid during class. The research therefore highlights that attentive behavior on part of the students directly affects their academic performance level. Further research can be undertaken pertaining to the role of teacher sand instructors in inducing participation from students.

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Essay: Research results on Class Room Sleeping
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