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It had also been noticed in the research that companies often tend to apply the supply chain management systems technology available in the market by hiring professional consultants who are a third party to the business.

These consultants are hired to analyze and evaluate the performance of the businesses and recommend and how and where the Toyota Production System approach can be employed by the company in its operations for managing its supply chain and the distribution network. This is a very expensive and highly complex method of solving a problem, for which the answers are available with the company already. Instead of hiring specialized consultants to entirely conduct the business process eventuation and reengineering according to the principles of the Toyota Production System, it would be prudent f the management of the company is involved in the evaluation and the reengineering process this brigs to lights the problems being faced by the company much faster and an arrangement for the adoption and the implementation of a customized approach for Toyota Production System can be deployed much quickly, than if the management is not extensively involved in the project for making the operation of the business lean and efficient. The nature of the business at the automobile manufacturing companies is already complex due to the different levels of production required for manifesting a highly complex end product in the form of the automotive vehicle. However by using this approach, many of the issues highlighted earlier in the paper can be avoided.

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Essay: Research Results on SCM of Automobiles
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