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The research strategy for the dissertation has been outlined as follows. The research philosophy reflects positivism following a deductive approach as this dissertation aims at comparing theory with practice.

The purpose of this research is to undertake an exploratory study to find what is happening, to seek new insights, ask questions and assess phenomena in a new light. (Robson 2002) This dissertation encompasses a multi method analysis with primary data formed of interviews and questionnaires, and secondary data formed of case studies, company reports and other relevant publish data.

The primary data has been collected via interviews with the representatives and the management f the two companies. The management of SCC were unavailable for interviews as a result we sent them outline bearing the enquiries we had about their company, their operations and internationalisation and marketing efforts in the global market. They were able to provide us with sufficient information for analysis. Aside from this the Unicer company management was available for interviews and through them we were able to collect qualitative data about the company, its structure and management as well as the internationalization of the company and its marketing programs for the brands.

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Essay: Research Strategy on Global Beverage Industry
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