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When randomly assigned a role with a set of role expectations, subjects strongly conformed to those expectations.” (‘Conformity’, Irregular Times)

The demoralization aspect of being anonymous to the prisoners affected the guards in consenting to awarding harsher punishments to the prisoners which were inhumane in nature and went past being torturous and humiliating. This was more aggravated by the conformity of the prisoners to the roles of being subservient and obedient which further fueled the aggression on part of the Guards. In the experiments being in a position of power and the apparent obedience on part of the prisoners pushed the guards into more aggressive forms of behavior, while taking the role playing along to different heightened levels. The prisoners on the other hand were subjected to harsh treatment which they were willing to subject themselves to as they thought it was part of the role that they were playing. The role of the prisoner was internalized by the volunteers who gave up their rights to basic human rights in order to survive in the prison at the hands of the guards. The role playing was initiated with the separation of the identity of the prisoners by assigning them with different id numbers. This made them disassociate themselves from their actual personalities and internalize the role of the prisoner onto themselves.

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Essay: Results and Implications of Zimbardo’s Experiment
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