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The results of the experiment by Haslam and Reicher were significantly different form the ones that were determined through the Stanford prison Experiment by Zimbardo. The nature of the experiment was quite the same, however the procedure of implementation of the experiment was quite different from that of Zimbardos.

The elements of tyranny, stress, and power along with leadership amongst the guards was characteristics in this case as well, however as the volunteers were aware of being recorded on camera and being televised, it can also be argued that their role playing and resultant actions were more for show than a conformity to the role. The general conclusions pertaining to the factor banal evil in people and the role playing factor effects generalized conclusion of the experiment by Haslam & Reicher. It also raises questions as to whether it is so simply possible for people to leave all morality and constraints of society as well as social constructs behind to take on evil and tyrannous roles in such an easy manner.

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Essay: Results of Haslam and Reicher’s Experiment
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