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The results of the Experiment at Stanford by Zimbardo were ground breaking in terms of the effects it had on the participants and the implications that were revealed through the experiment.

The experiment rapidly wsent out of the control of Zimbardo as the volunteering prisoners were made to face torture, sadistic treatment as well as humiliation on the part of the acting guards. This increased the stress level amongst the prisoners lead them to wither rebel while simultaneously undergoing long term detrimental disturbance in terms of their psychology.

In the initial stages of the experiment, the guards forced the prisoners to undertake humiliating activities like cleaning toilets with bare hands as well as undergoing oppression, torture and humiliation at the time of prisoner count. Moreover with the progression of the experiment the area where the experiment was being conducted became ugly, unclean, inhospitable as well as very dirty. Very soon, the guards started appointing the prisoners bathroom rights as privileges for good behavior while physical punishments and forced exercise was enforced upon the prisoners by the guards in order to test their limits.

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Essay: Results of Zimbardo’s Experiment
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