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The retail industry has been successfully able to apply the model of the Toyota Production System to their operations, while the health care industry is currently in the process of applying the Toyota Production System for the management of their supply chains.

However the automobile industry, while highly taken with the approach has strived to use it in its operations, but the western companies have been till now unsuccessful in completely adopting the Toyota Production  System approach. The main reason for this has been the lack of proper implementation of the approach in the operations of the business and the lack of strategic planning and evaluation conducted of their current systems by the automotive vehicle manufactures in Europe and America. As a result it is recommended that for a successful implementation of the Toyota Production System approach for their operations and supply chain management the companies should fist analyses their companies and completely know how the operations take place in them. The next step that they should focus on is the customization and the adaptation of the Toyota Production System to their own business environment and structure. It is not feasible to simply copy the methodology that is used by another company and apply it to another company. The environment in which the two companies are operating, specifically the automobile manufacturers in the west and the Toyota Motor Company are very different. Moreover the Toyota Motor Company has the advantage of using the Toyota Production System over a period of 15years which bears the fact that the company has customized the operation management approach to their business philosophy and their environment.

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Essay: Retail industry and Toyota Productions
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