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RFID base technology has been taken up by a storm in the retail sector with companies like ASDA, Wal-Mart, Bloomingdales as well as Target using the technology to management their procurement and supply chain functions.

The scope for the RFID technology is great in the fashion retail sector as well as it can be used to market the inventory for warehousing while avoiding issues of stock and increasing optimization of resources for the business function. Individual shipments that are packaged in the retail sector for transport and distribution can be marked with the FRDI technology which would enable the fashion retailer to track their merchandise in real time while also making it possible for them to have a quick response for order fulfillment to avoid stock outs that can lead to loss of business and profit losses. The efficiency of the system also increases the margin based profit and revenue earned by the fashion retailers by decreasing their cost per item.

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Essay: RFID in Fashion Retail
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