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The excessive level of construction of skyscrapers and buildings competing with each other to claim the title of the grandest building or the tallest building in the world depict another aspect where the consumerist culture of the Middle Eastern society is reflected.

The Arabs have been traditionally a wealthy society with a generous heart. However the consumerist culture sees them using their wealth on shopping and spending on unnecessary consumer products. “Society also affects consuming behavior. Unlike the Arabs, the French know that cars are a means of transportation and not a luxury. In addition to that, some people, due to perhaps an inferiority complex, try to imitate the rich in their consumption habits. Dr Amina Al Hiel, a social expert attached to the Ministry of Education, said that consumption patterns have changed considerably after the oil boom. This is displayed by the type of bags students carry to school, fancy pens and other items. Many even go to school driving their own cars and move around with the latest mobile phones, she said. They also live a fast life, she said.”  (Consumption patterns among Qataris changing, 2007)

The wealthy women of the region also provide as a substantially well suited clientele to the fashion designers ofNew York,LondonandParis. While generally people are looking for fashions to purchase at the minimum of the prices possible the Middle Eastern men and women, especially those from the new generation tend to offer high prices for the best possible fashion form the fashion capitals of the world. This is the reason many of the fashion designers have opened their outlets inCairo,Dubai,Qatar,Riyadh, Beruit & Kuwait

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Essay: Rising Consumerism in Arab
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