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The Cleveland clinic could have played a major role in containing and avoiding the issue of the Vioxx catastrophe. The researches in the past under taken by the different organizations as well as Merck indicated that the Vioxx could be a major aggressor for increasing the chances of heart failures such as heart attacks and strokes in people.

The company should not have been blind sighted towards these results and should have undertaken exhaustive study to approve of disapprove the results of the previous research under the supervision of Dr. Topol from theClevelandclinic. Therefore theClevelandclinic as a research centre and an institution could have played a monumental role in identifying the flaws inherent in Vioxx and protecting the company from the controversy by making the side effects of the Vioxx apparent early on to the company with conclusive results.

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Essay: Role of Cleveland Clinic in Vioxx catastrophe
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