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The role of the women in theMiddle Easthas also been gradually changing in the recent years. Traditionally the women in the Middle East used to live lives that revolved around their homes with limited exposure to the outside world.

The men in their family provided the food on the table for them while also providing sustenance and the finances for daily expenditure. The women had limited need to venture out as well as the oil rich states had populations that were well off financially and could provide to satisfy the needs and the requirements of the women in the society. However as the women got more exposed to the international communities and the kinds of lives that women lead in other countries, particularly in theUnited Statesand inEurope, they started to crave a similar life for themselves as well Education and literacy level for the women in the region increased significantly in the recent years on account of women seeking education for them. However while the women picked up the good aspects of the western societies, they were also exposed to the negative aspects of a consumerist lifestyle and degraded moral society that goes against their own religion, culture and society.

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Essay: Role of Women in Middle East
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