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The sample for the research pertained to mostly parents of the children, as well as the children. Two sets of questionnaires were developed for the survey, one being targeted at the children, while the other being targeted at the parents. The questionnaire was of multiple choice formats with close ended questions in order to make for efficient employment of the survey and the speedy collection of data form, the respondents. The reason for this was in order to take as little time from the respondents as possible.The location of the survey was in the super markets and the malls around in the city. The reason was that the parents and the children were easily available here during the lunch hours. The fast food vendors in the malls also provided with a good source of respondents for the survey.

The characteristics of the respondents were such that they mainly included children and one of the parents. The number of parents surveyed was 75, while the number of children surveyed was 134. The parent that was mostly available for the survey were the mothers who were shopping in the super markets and the malls. However on the weekends we were also able to survey fathers of the children as they were available for the survey on the weekends mostly. Aside from this the parents were mostly in their 20s and 30s and had an average of 3.5 children.  The size of the survey for the children was estimated to be 100, but instead 134 were assessed. This was done in order to keep the data integrity. Also 50 parents were to be interviewed and instead 75 were surveyed in order to keep yup the data integrity.

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Essay: Sample for the Research on Marketing
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