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The first chapter is the introduction to the research study, that includes the background study, the research problem and objectives. The literature review is the second chapter that is a detailed review of the literature available on the topic including journals, books and articles.

There is ample literature on the topic and a detailed review has been included. The third chapter is the findings and the analysis which is the crux of the research. This chapter includes the findings from the research conducted which was mainly qualitative and a detailed analysis of the findings has been included. The last chapter is the conclusion which shall include final statements of the findings and a final approach to the research problem. The areas of study for future research shall also be included.

Chinahas changed since the advent of WTO resulting in a change from being a planned economy to a market economy. The WTO addresses corporate law to a great extent and with transparency of operations being an important aspect in businesses yet benefits of low costs and reforms by the WTO has attracted immense amonts of foreign direct investment.Chinais a transition economy that after WTO has brought about institutional changes to change the system but the change is gradual yet effective sinceChinais posing a threat as a major trader on the international as well as Asian front. Corporate governance inChinahas come along way especially afterChina’s accession to WTO and more and more foreign investment is pouring into the country.

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Essay: Scope of Research on Chinese Automobiles
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