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The primary research on the topic of service quality and customer satisfaction for the customers of Singapore Airlines is limited to the respondents who were available in the restricted region only.

The literature review and the research analysis has a wide scope pertaining to their applicability and the usability of the information, but the results that would be generated from the primary research would be restricted to the general population in the region. Aside from this the results would be restricted to the Singapore Airlines company only as the research instrument is catered to specifically the Singapore Airlines company and inquiries in the research were made specific to the Singapore Airlines company. Therefore in terms of generalization, the results are somewhat applicable to other airlines in the airline industry, but best suited to the Singapore Airlines.

The basic methodology that was employed for the primary research specific to the dissertation related to reviewing the literature available on the subject matter and determining the key elements which tend to have an effect on the customer satisfaction level and the expectations for service quality form airlines. Then a research instrument in the form of a questionnaire was developed which had all answers developed according to the likert scale. The questionnaire was then employed in a sample survey where the subjects and the respondents were asked to provide the answers for the multiple choice question after taking their consent for the survey. The results were then reviewed to determine the findings which were analyzed in terms f the service quality expected form Singapore Airlines and the resultant customer satisfaction level for the respondents. A total of fifty respondents were surveyed through the questionnaire tool.

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Essay: Scope of Research on Singapore Airlines
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