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The secondary research for the purpose of this dissertation was employed by searching through relevant articles and data repositories on the internet. Aside from this Ebscohost a collection of online databases of journal articles was also used to track the performance and the strategy reports of the companies over the period of time and to attain more informational the topic of international markets, marketing in global spectrum and global brands.

Additionally we also pursued information these topics from this library and the relevant books that were available in the market. Many sources of data are available here from case studies to company reports and many more published literature. It was also important to access and analyse the financial information of both companies to evaluate if strategic benefits are turning into reality. Financial information can also tell a lot of a company strategies and past decisions. The financial information provided by the Unicer depicted the company to have the value addition of 146.807.828 in 2006 163.996.581 in 2005 and 167.220.370 in 2004. This indicates that the strongest period for the company was the year 2004. Moreover the company also stated that in line with the Portuguese beer market; there is a trend of declining revenue for the company. “The decline in return on equity to 8.9%, flowed from the reported reduction in net earnings. In 2006 economic performance was decisively affected by costs emerging from restructuring in the company.” (‘Unicer Sustainability Report’, 2006)

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Essay: Secondary Research Data on Beverage Companies
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