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The secondary research that has already been undertaken specific to the Singapore Airlines and its service quality is depicts that Singapore Airlines is one of the best performing airlines in terms of its service quality, and perception amongst the customers in the market (McKenna, 1990).

A case study of the Singapore Airlines depicted that the company has come a long way from its original position. “Through the years, SIA has established an enviable record in terms of its operational performance and its profitability history. SIA had positioned itself to execute a strategy of differentiation, predicated on offering its passengers a level of service that was seldom surpassed at the price levels that SIA offered. Indeed, the airline’s commitment to superior customer service is legendary. It built a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures to provide operational support in areas such as catering, terminal management, and aircraft maintenance. SIA also outshone its competitor with the quality of its aircraft. SIA emphasized fleet selection because of its string signaling value; it implicitly tells the potential customer that he/she can expect top-of-the-line technology, comfortable seating, and a safe trip.” (Ramaswamy, 2002)It was initiated as a Malayan Airline targeting a very specific and niche market with limited services. However over the years the company has grown to provide an extensive range of products and services to the market while operating as a top player in the industry. The secret behind the success of the company is its business strategy which pertains to “quality service at a competitive price, made possible by high investment in equipment and in staff training.” (Singh, 1984)

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Essay: Secondary Research on Singapore Airlines
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