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Segmentation Strategy

The segmentation strategy employed by the fashion retailer Zara is based one the typical demographics of the customers like gender, age and psychographics. However aside from this the company also targets customer is based on their sense of fashion and style e.g., contemporary, trendy, classic, grunge, Latino etc. (Safe, 2007) The ethnicity of the brand as well as its target market is blended by Zara in its product offering which match a variety of tastes and settings.

Targeting Strategy

Inditex with its brand Zara has targeted a wide gap in the retail market. The company targets customers that are interested in high fashion want to be up to speed with the latest fashion trends but are not able to afford clothes and accessories from the couture and high end boutiques. In order to target the market,

Zara strategy launches its outlets in high profile locations and provides customers with a turnover time of 4-5 weeks for its new collections made available at a fraction of the couture cost. This, along with the brand persona, the collection of the clothes and accessories and the marketing campaigns pulls the target markets to the Zara stores

Positioning Strategy

The main objective for positioning the Zara brand in a market as mentioned by the company is to ‘democratize fashion’. The company aims to provide its customers with trendy and high fashion products at lower prices to accommodate their requirements. As a result the marketing strategy that is employed by Inditex for Zara is to open stores and outlets that provide the Zara experience at high profile locations to set the image of the brand as being trendy, hip, high fashion and accessible.

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Essay: Segmentation & Positioning by ZARA
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