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The selection criteria of the applicants who have applied through the various recruitment channels in the region of China will need to be based on the qualification and the performance of the candidate in the specific recruitment tests and interviews.

However aside from this the different ethnicities and races, genders as well as minority groups need to be represented in the work force in the same percentage ratio in which they reside in the local community. In this manner the company would be able to aptly cover the proper diversification of its workforce as per its regions of operation.

All new recruits need to be oriented before they can be designated to their specific jobs. The orientation of the newly recruited staff at Wal-Mart will need to be performed as per the business practices in the local region as well as according to the business operation standards of the Wal-Mart Company. For this the Wal-Mart company will have to take blend its international business operation practices with those employed by the business in the region ofChina. The orientation as a result should be performance through seminar based as well as mentoring and apprenticeship programs which correspond with both the Chinese as well as the Wal-Mart business philosophy.

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Essay: Selection at Wal-Mart
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