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It is very much possible to sell intangible products very effectively and successfully. However more importance has to be invested in ensuring that the service is according to the requirements of the customers and that the service is marketing in a specific manner.

Intangible products and services, especially in the hospitality industry are sold on the basis of their market value. This intrinsic value pertains to the quality and the satisfaction that can be derived from the product/ service by the consumers. The efficient way to market such products to the consumers is to employ branding strategies. “Brands are driving the entire hospitality industry, from hotels to resorts and restaurant operations to entertainment facilities. Segment-spanning brand strategies are being pursued by the emerging double handful of global competitors. From the Holiday Inn to the Four Seasons, the Hard Rock Café to TGI/Fridays, the Plaza to the Waldorf-Astoria, a clearer understanding of the importance of brands in today’s confusingly fragmented society has been growing for each establishment.” (Anson, 2001)

Aside from this the quality of the service can be enhance to add value to the service by training the staff to be proactive in their operations and provide the high standard of service as required by the customers. “According to the Market Matrix study report, 12% of hotel guests’ complaints to incur problem while staying in the hotel, nine percent reports on the problems poses by mid-scale hotels and the 47% of the respondents reports problems contributed by staffs and employees. The problems include guestroom misunderstanding, billing, food and beverage services wherein about 30% stresses that they will go back to the hotel. In addition, a friendly and can do all attitude of employees provides higher impact to the customers than a newly remodeled luxury room” (Barsky & Nash, 2007)

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Essay: Selling Intangible Products and Services
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