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Service quality is one of the main determinants of the brand positioning in the market and the perception of the customer’s specific to the company in question. “The role of service quality is widely recognized as being a critical determinant for the success of an organization in today’s competitive environment.

Any decline in customer satisfaction due to poor service quality would be a matter of concern. Consumers being more aware of rising standards in service, prompted by competitive trends, have developed higher expectations.” (Frost & Kumar, 2004) An formal evaluation made by several airline executives revealed that “include Singapore Airlines Ltd., British Airways PLC, and American Airlines Inc” (Tetzeli, 1991) are the best airlines in terms of service quality. A panel of 231 executives judged the service quality of the airlines in terms of “promptness, employee courtesy, reservation systems, and baggage handling” (Tetzeli, 1991)

Singapore Airlines is proud of its superior quality in flight services, which it has often highlighted in its advertising and marketing campaigns as the “in-flight service that even other airlines talk about”

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Essay: Service Quality Concerns by Singapore Airline
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