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The internal service quality in service based organizations plays a key role which determines the positioning of the company in the market. The best source of service quality however is the human resource or the employees which are hired by the service based company. “Quality of service in the airline industry depends greatly on the quality of employees. Many airlines find it easier to compete by cutting costs or adjusting fares than by improving, for example, reservation handling, in-flight meals, punctuality or baggage handling.” (‘Executive summary and implications for managers and executives’, 2000)

Service quality at Singapore Airlines has enabled the company to attain international acclaim fro its products and service offerings which has gone a long way to contribute towards the success of the company in the international aviation and airline industry. “Singapore Airlines is typical of many organizations which have front-line staff backed up by employees providing backroom services. Airline passengers encounter such front-line employees as ticket-sales staff, check-in employees, boarding staff and cabin crew. The quality of service provided by these employees depends greatly on the help of dedicated support staff such as baggage handlers, caterers and cabin cleaners.” (‘Executive summary and implications for managers and executives’, 2000) the discrepancy however that is percent at Singapore Airlines pertain to the unmet expectation of internal quality by the support staff who management the terminal and the baggage claim related services for customers. A survey of the service level standards of the support staff conducted on the cabin crew as respondents depicted that the cabin crew at Singapore Airlines rated the support staff as being lower rated in terms of their internal service quality.

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Essay: Service quality measures by Singapore Airline
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