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In order to increase the quality of the food, tough criticism as well as restrictive training of the chefs needs to be undertaken so that no mediocre quality dish is able to pass out through the kitchen doors.

Moreover the ingredients that go into creating a dish need to be ensured of being the best quality available. For this a proper logistics management system needs to be set up in collaboration with local markets (Simchi-Levi et al., 2004) whereby a guaranteed purchase deal can be made for the best quality orders offered by the wholesaler. This would benefit the restaurant as well as the wholesaler in terms of increasing business. The eight success factors for operating in the restaurant industry pertain to  “single unit operations, standard operating procedures, multi-unit strategic planning, interpersonal and social responsibilities, travel and visiting units, human relations, effective leadership, and unit level finances, which explained 75 percent of the variance among the individual items” (De Pietro et al., 2006)

Therefore in order to increase the service quality the commitment of the management, as well as the management and development of the human resource at the restaurant, is important. “Organizational commitment exerts a strong positive influence on the service recovery performance of frontline staff as does empowerment and rewarding them for service excellence. When frontline staff are performing service recovery effectively, they are less likely to resign and report higher levels of job satisfaction” (Boschoff & Allen, 2000)

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Essay: Service quality strategy at Restaurant
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