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The main service offering that would be provided by the Short-Hall Airline would be towards short hall flights for the market that travels frequently between the various destinations along the east coast.

The target market of the airline are the business executives, the business men/ women, the entrepreneurs, as well as anyone who needs to travel a short distance along the east coast and does not want to bother with the long queues or the extensive traffic at the airport, particularly those in New York and Washington. Those people who are delayed in their personal meeting, arrangement, appointments and businesses due to the long roundabout journeys of the commercial flights would also be the target market of the service provided by the company.

The product and service offering of the company would also include a high quality of service provided in an effective and efficient manner, with courteous and catering attitude and emphasis on the safety of the passengers. In order to be competitive in the market, the company will not compromise on the pricing of the service by lowering its prices for the customers. Instead the airline would emphasize the experience based service, the timely flights and the high quality offering that it provides to attract its customers. This is particularly effective as the competitors of the company in the market provide their customers with substandard and mediocre quality of service. The airline would also not provide any meal service in its flights as the flights are shirt hall. Instead drinks would be the only food item offered as the service provided by the airline aims to be efficient and effective without the luggage of a 747 flight.

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Essay: Services Offering of Short-Hall Airline
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