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The main objective of the Short-Haul Airline is to establish a profitable business enterprise that caters to a niche in the aviation industry and market. The other objectives of the company pertain to acquiring certifications for operation by June 2009 from the FAA.The company aims to start operations for generating revenue from the end of the year in 2009. The Short-Haul Airline is also focused on generating the capital through operations to help establish and expand the company in the local aviation industry. The objective of the company is to initiate its operation in the region with 5 BA609 aircrafts and expand the service to other regional cities and towns with an additional aircraft being added every year. The company aims to serve business executives as well as high flying commuters who travel frequently from city to city along the east coast through commercial airlines.


The mission of the Short-Haul Airline is to provide its customers with comfortable experiences in short hall flights which are safe, efficient, and effective in terms of high service quality and low costs. The main priority of the company would be service quality enhanced by superior in flight services, timely flights and proper maintenance of the aircraft as well as the related facilities.

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Essay: Short-Haul Airline Objective
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