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The questionnaire based research conducted on the service quality and customer satisfaction provided that the respondents who had made use of Singapore Airlines services at least once in the past 12 to 18 months depicted that in terms of expectation from service quality standards responsiveness of the Singapore Airlines staff was of most importance followed by the reliability of the services and the staff, the tangible physical aspect of the services, the assurance provided by the staff.

Similarly the customer satisfaction was maximized for the customers through assurance, followed by responsiveness, the tangible aspect of the service, and reliability of the services. However for expectations as well as customer satisfaction level empathy was considered to be least important and satisfying.

The limitation of the research undertaken on the service quality level of the Singapore Airlines and the customer satisfaction level of customers for the Singapore Airlines pertain to the fact that the study was specifically conducted on Singapore Airlines customers. The subject mater dealt with the service quality deliverance and standards of the Singapore Airlines and therefore makes results of the dissertation restriction in their applicability to the general airline or service industry

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Essay: Singapore Airlines Analysis
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